There are more Buddhists in Germany today than people who know how to make a good chocolate cake.

This jacket has the virtue of being easy to wash.

Admit it, we're lost.

Major flashed his headlights.

Well, have you decided yet?

He messed up the stage that he had set up so carefully.

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I'm depending on you.

They did not give up hope.

Sage Kotsenburg won the first gold medal for the United States in the men's snowboard slopestyle.

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You're partially correct.

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We have a kid.


I updated your software.

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I confess I'm afraid to go by myself.

Don't lose hope.

It's a perfect day.

First say to yourself what you would be; and then do what you have to do.

I need to climb the tree.

Gil paid for his lunch with the money his mother had given him.

Heinz might not like it if we didn't come to his party.


I regret to say I couldn't come yesterday.


She only knew German.

It can be chaotic.

Kevan has killed again.

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Children grow very quickly.

Karen didn't trust Roberto.

That's good news.

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Few farms had electricity.

Bob often tries to give up smoking.

Java and Javascript are like India and Indonesia, they aren't the same thing.

He worked in a big city hospital.

He had had his old one for more than ten years.

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Britain is separated from the Continent by the Channel.

I am acquainted with the chairman of that club.

Lunch is ready.


I don't think you should follow Russ's advice.

We were faced with an unusual situation because of the accident.

He was fed up with life in the city.

The landlord used to be quite well off.

Why don't you give us a moment to talk?

Saint Patrick's Day is celebrated on March 17th.

Teachers should never laugh at students who make mistakes.

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He's one of my in-laws.

Anyway, you're my friend.

Stephan responded diplomatically.


She got a serious neuropathy disease,and it was so urgent for her to transfer to another hospital.

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Please be patient with me.

Tomas was impressed by Avery's plan.

Mexico City, the most populated city in the world, is located in Mexico.


There's a problem with the engine.

He caught her eye immediately.

This is kind of fun.

I wrote the book.

We need donations.


The action of the story takes place on an island.

Galaxies are scattered throughout the universe and they vary greatly in size.

Russ is unassuming, isn't he?

There's a magazine in my room.

I drew one.


I love being with Micah.

Stephanie crossed Ray's name off the list.

I enjoy playing chess.


I had no one to talk to.


The inmates have taken over the asylum.


He got sick during the trip.

That's my toothbrush.

I'm not tired at all. Stu did most of the driving.


She felt sick.


There are no stars in the sky tonight.

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What is she going to do?

Takeshi raised his hand to ask a question.

I can eat whatever I want.

I unconsciously removed my shirt.

Why are you still up? You should get to bed.

Jason was caught in the rain and ruined his new suit.

Do you like this design?

No rich people live here.

What did I ever do to him?

Colonization of other planets is one of our top priorities.

The climate in Japan is milder than in England.


Where does the devil feel at home?

Christian didn't ask Hui where she'd gone.

I was kind of hard on him.


What'll they do to him?

Why didn't you follow my advice?

Delbert has a nice smile.

I am going to do odd jobs during the spring vacation.

I'm taking the day off.

We've never been to that place.

Zombies are coming!

Oleg is sending me unsolicited love letters.

Put on your woolies or you'll catch a cold!

Look up page 50 in the textbook.

Hiroyuki was careful not to be noticed.

I went shopping with a friend.

Louise, can I see you a sec?

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Kylo went back to the drawing board.

One day, the police raided a whole group of prostitutes, and the girl was among them.

Why, of course, the people don't want war. Why would some poor slob on a farm want to risk his life in a war when the best that he can get out of it is to come back to his farm in one piece. Naturally, the common people don't want war; neither in Russia nor in England nor in America, nor for that matter in Germany. That is understood.

I know the girl.

I want to bring them here.

I've been watching a documentary.

I want to play with the snow.

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How do you account for the accident?

Why did you give Jess such a hard time?

Looks like Saify will be getting married next month.

Where did you heat them?

We threw them out.


I strongly urge that you read the contract carefully.

That's not what I told Kamiya.

Warren probably had a good reason for leaving early.


I count on him.


How vigorous you are!


Stevan signed a confession.


The only thing that mattered to Miriam was that we weren't impolite to his boss.

Dan began an erratic sexual relationship with his youngest aunt, Linda.

We swam in the lake.

We were all disappointed by the game.

I've decided to let you come back to work.

The alloted time ticked quickly away.

Go rot in hell!


I told him what you did.

It shouldn't take Joseph too long to paint the fence.

Cris overloaded his power board and blew a fuse.

I'm really, really sorry.

Eventually, Dion will tell me everything.

Hy punched somebody.

Did you enjoy your meal?

Tanaka buried Takayuki right beside his house.

You will soon be able to ski well.

If I could stay at a hotel near Akasaka and eat a delicious meal, I'd feel like a princess.

You don't look Japanese.

Building materials can include tiles, carpet, blinds and tools.

Alex almost got hit by a car.

Circumstances do not permit me such a holiday.

Both of them are very cute.

The man said yes, but only if I promised.

My little sister painted a picture of a snowman.

I've got little time for reading these days.

We're in the red this month. If we don't start spending less next month, we won't have any savings left.


I have never been spoken to by a foreigner before.


This bike belongs to my little brother.

We're going to replace them.

I oppose it.

Sjouke didn't watch much television when he was younger.

I didn't know you couldn't read.

Her beauty cast a spell over him.

Do you prefer an apple or a pear?

She always gets up early.

Do you ski?

Louis and Stephanie are like-minded.

My friends and I are volunteering at the community center this weekend.

You can't abandon Claudio.

Now look what you did.

I have a Chinese friend and I would like to ask him to give me Chinese lessons.

If only he had come.


There goes the neighborhood.

I know the consequences.

We're not going to force Lynn to do this.


In my view, everyone should have intellectual hobbies as well as an interest in physical activities.

Barry ate the whole pizza by himself.

The apartment has both a storage room and a balcony.

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I don't like pepperoni pizza very much.